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session 01 - atelier tekuto, tokyo
lucky drops, tokyo, 2005
site area: 58,7 sqm
total floor area: 61, 0 sqm
built area: 21,0 sqm

hight : 6,85m
hight of floors: (B1F)1.86-4.03m, (1F)1.94m, (2F)2.0-4.07m

structure: steel
exterior finish: FRP(Fiber Reinforced Plastic) t=3mm + EB film(Electron Beam Film)
interior finish: Ceiling-Curing Sheet, Floor-Steel with anticorrosive paint
Again, this building is a master piece of material usage and working with space. This unusual place contains the housing of a young couple with their cat.
While mny architects still design the facade and more or less the interior, Yasuhiro Yamashita continoues fabric and structure strictly into living space.
It is not a question of minimalism to be able to live there, it is a question of understanding how to live - reducing housing to its fundamental meaning.
The semipermeable fabric of the exterior let sunlight in, but also privacy out - the inhabitants become a part of the neighbourhood.
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